Clueless Idiots and High Voltage Vacuum Tubes Really Do Mix!

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The Radiotron Designer's Handbook, 4th ed. is now hosting a mirror of the famous Radiontron Designer’s Handbook, 4th. ed.

This is classic of valve design although it’s a bit weird (it teaches you electronics after it biases tubes!).   Still it’s great to have around.   I recommend the hardcopy (always on ebay).   It’s only 1400 pages, just take it everywhere!


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  • Charles

    I have had the 4th Edition for more than 40 years! And I still refer to it sometimes. The basics have not changed, Ohm’s law still works, coupled tuned circuits still behave the same way and transformer theory still holds. And for some, valve amplifiers are in vogue again, so this is a good reference.

  • Richard Hankins

    This is a fantastic resource – thanks for hosting it. However did you know that some files at the start and end of the collection are missing – such as the preface and contents list?


  • Dilapidus

    oops! I didn’t realize. Thanks. I’ll look into it.

  • Stephan

    File names on *IX servers are case sensitive. The preface link references “preface.PDF” (which gives a 404), but the actual file is called “PREFACE.PDF” (and downloads fine as such). Same applies for the ToC, I guess.

  • Dilapidus

    Damn.. thought I cleaned that ages ago. thanks

  • Karl

    Guest what; the first two and last two files are “404” again.

  • Mark

    Dilapidus, I have a 1967 GA-5T, medalist styling that has the exact problem described in your great blog-Amp repair, Medalist Debug May 4, 2011. My problem is that I cannot find a Multi Section Electrolytic Capacitor with the 20/10/10 MFD @ 450 VDC. Can you direct me to some of your parts resources?

    Thanks for your time and any trouble, Mark

  • Dilapidus

    Mark, I sent an email too. Most places that specialize in Amps will have some. I am sure Antique Electronics Supply has them, but I think they will be tweaked towards the Fender line. 8 vs 10 and 16 vs 20 are not really huge deals. These are just power supply caps. Still, I would not replace with a cap can. They are expensive, when one breaks you replace the whole thing and they have a single ground. This encourages ground loop noise.

    I always replace with discretes.

  • Henry

    index.PDF is not found, I used INDEX.PDF instead who worked nicely. I love UNIX. ;)

    Thank you for making this accessable!
    I dumped into this because I wanted to learn more about turntables. (chapter 17) :D

  • Dilapidus

    Oh thanks! I’ll fix tonight and click every link.

  • Brian

    Links for first 2 and last 2 pages still aren’t fixed. INDEX, PREFACE, SUPPL are easy to guess from the names in your index page, but what abbreviation did you use for “Table of Contents”?

    btw: thanks for the service – This was my dream reference book when I first got into electronics in the 1960’s, but I couldn’t afford it then. Amazing how it still has value 60 years after publishing.

  • Dilapidus

    I’m lame. Really really tonight. Thanks for the comments and I will be adding more soon

  • Dilapidus

    It should actually be done now. Many thanks to those who pointed out the errors.

  • Siyazini

    Thank you for the Radio Designers Handbook. I linked to it from a Yahoo Group I used to moderate.

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